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Tour Into Danger

Author: Lea Tassie
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by Kevin R. Tipple

588On the run with her nine-year-old nephew, Penny Davis' planned trip to Toronto, Canada isn't possible. Instead, she gets on the only plane available from the Vancouver airport and heads for Hawaii. But, that isn't nearly far enough to get away from Rob's drug dealing Stepfather. Greg has a reason to eliminate Rob and Aunt Penny. While Rob didn't see Greg kill his mother who is now missing, he did witness Greg kill a fellow drug dealer.

Instead of just running, most people would have gone to the Police. That wasn't an option for Penny, as she doesn't trust the Toronto Police. For eleven long years, her father, severely wounded in a bank heist and forced to live his days in a wheelchair, has been a suspect in the robbery. Virtually broke, he has denied all and his family has lived with the public humiliation of being a suspect. Now, with no other option readily available, Penny has fled to Hawaii and taken Rob with her.

Unbeknownst to her, there is a contract out on her and the boy, put out by Greg on behalf of his bosses. She is being tracked and the killers are moving into place to take them out while making sure that everything appears to be an accident. At the same time, so are the Police in the form of Detective Jack Kinkaid. Unaware of the contract or what Rob saw, he follows them both to Hawaii thinking that Penny comes from a bad family and is a drug courier. Before long, he begins to realize that not only is he attracted to her as he hangs around her undercover, she may be in fact totally innocent. But will he put the pieces together fast enough to give their romance a chance, let alone save Penny and Rob's lives?

Featuring complex human characters driven by family dynamics and a need to find happiness, this mystery is very enjoyable and features a frantic pace with a shocking twist at the end. While most of the elements of the mystery are identified very early on, removing all questions, the read is still very entertaining as Penny and Rob do their best to elude everyone while trusting almost no one. At the same time, facets of each character are slowly revealed and done so skillfully, that the story does not slow down at all. As the pace picks up so does a very complicated romance between Penny and Jack that shocks both characters with its intensity. Then, when the reader thinks everything is settled, there is one final twist in this 197- page book that caps off the wild tale, making this book well worth the read.


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